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Close Friends
Part One:  Prologue

The night was stormy and dark; the only light through the Beijing forest was the small flashes of lighting that happened often.  Crimson, his brothers and his parents flew high in the air, above the trees, and, though it seemed like danger was far from their way, there was a flash of lighting…the dragons plummeted towards the ground.
Because of the dark, they all held hands and wrapped their tails around each other, where Lisa, Crimson’s mother, held his youngest brother, Maxwell, who was only a few months old.  They were struck by lightning and all headed towards the ground beneath them.
Fortunately, Max, Crimson and their other brother, Jack, were all fine – as they fell, their father, Jacqueline, managed to catch Max as he flew from his mother’s arms, and landed flat on his back, breaking Max’s fall.  “Ahh!  Ah, my back – L-Lisa, are you alright?!”  Jacqueline asked as he whimpered in pain.  There was no response.  Crimson felt around on the ground and found his mother’s body, completely limp, there was no sign of life!  “Dad, M-Mom’s not breathing!”  Crimson shouted.
Jacqueline struggled to move, but managed to crawl to his wife’s body, despite all the pain it caused him to do so.  Jacqueline grabbed Crimson’s arm tightly and took a few deep breaths, and he began to speak.  “C-Crimson…t-take care of your brothers…don’t let anything happen to them…”  Jacqueline said as his grip began to loosen from Crimson’s arm.  “Dad, please, don’t go!  I don’t know how—“  Jacqueline stopped Crimson, and he said, “Don’t worry, k-kiddo…you’ll fine.”  Jacqueline’s eyes rolled back and he let out a last breath before being lost with their mom.
Jack, the second oldest brother, snuck away and ran into the forest, and the other brothers never saw him again.
Close Friends - Prologue
It isn't a lot, but it's something to tide you all over.  It's kinda like a placeholder for when I upload the next part, which won't take too long.  Anyway, enjoy the little side story that I made for the Close Friends series to come!

Thanks to :iconepicsonicandpikachu: for RPing with me for the past few years making these characters exist through a literary sense!
At 12:30 here in a couple of minutes, I'll be stream Five Nights at Freddy's on my channel!  Swing by if you want to!…
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Team Fortress 2 - The Pyro by KidBlackOps1
Team Fortress 2 - The Pyro
I'm starting a series of picture revolving around the 9 playable classes of Team Fortress 2.  Note, these won't be in the order of the class selection.
Channel Art - FINALLY! by KidBlackOps1
Channel Art - FINALLY!
Finally got my YouTube channel art...took me long enough to size it up!


United States

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